UPVC Bay Windows

Bay windows are often described as “projection windows” due to the fact that they extend outwards from the residential or commercial property.
Having a bay window fitted to your house will make a considerable modification to your home, not only from the outdoors, in regards to appearance, however likewise from the within in regards to additional area and more natural lighting.
For those of you who are seeking to buy double glazed windows in the future, this could be simply the best time to find out more about Bay windows and see if they are the right option for you.

Bay and Bow windows in some cases get taken for the same thing, however Bow windows provide a curved projection and Bay windows are angular. Classic Bay windows will have 3 sides (left, right, front) set square to the property or at an angle.

The sides of the bay can be the window itself or the bay can be part of the real house building and the windows fitted into the strong bay location.

There are generally 2 scenarios for Bay window design. First is where the bay is an integral part of the structure of the property, 2nd is where the window is non-structural or free standing.

For a non-structural design, you will need to take into consideration the reality that the window needs to have a “roofing & floor” in order to weatherproof it.

If, on the other hand you are going to create a brand-new bay from scratch, it will include a decent amount of construction work and apparent extra cost, almost like developing a cottage extension.

Oriel Bay windows

There is another type of bay called an Oriel window. Timeless Oriel windows are basically those that you will typically discover on upper floorings and traditionally hardly ever extended down to ground level.

Having said that, designers are starting to use the Oriel design to great result at low levels in modern homes, particularly with the extended use of structural glass to create a brand-new breed of “Glass Box Bay Window”.

The sides of the bay can be set at 90 degrees to your house or at a less aggressive angle such as 25, 35 or 45 degrees. Softening the angle will likewise reduce the amount of distance the bay projects outside from the home.

Free standing Bay windows need a “roofing system’ of some sort to close it off from the exterior. Some of the choices you can see around the nation make use of tiles, slates, shingles, UPVC or perhaps leaded roofing.

In regards to the window design, Casement and Sash styles are both popular, nevertheless, there are also a great deal of examples of property owners fitting tilt & turn Bay Windows.

Glazing can vary from easy full length plain glass to Georgian bar designs and even leaded glass to include a depth of character.

If, at this moment you are seriously thinking about purchasing Bay windows, then you also require to decide what product you wish to have them made from. Although you can also choose Aluminium or wooden double glazed bay windows, here are the 5 factors we believe UPVC Bay windows are an excellent option.

Lightness and strength: As an extremely light-weight product that has great structural stability, UPVC is ideal totally free standing Bay windows. Internal galvanised steel enhancing to the frames includes additional rigidness and strength.
Care, Maintenance & lifespan: By now, everyone needs to know that UPVC is a product that does not deteriorate like wood or corrode like metal. Similarly, the long life expectancy of UPVC is well recorded, as is the reality that all you require to do to keep it looking excellent is to keep it clean.
Style Choice 1: UPVC bay windows can be found in Casement, Sash, French and even Tilt & Turn versions, therefore can suit any kind of residential or commercial property.
Style Choice 2: There are around 20 fundamental colour alternatives in the market. You can have timber-grain impact surfaces or pick to have one colour inside and another outside.
Security: Window openers are fitted with crucial locking handles and the locks engage on several points around the frames. The frames are strengthened with galvanised metal and the glazing is fitted and beaded from the inside.

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