Things to Know Before Replacing Sash Windows with Casement Windows

It’s a widely known reality that at some time, if you have old worn wood ones, you are going to need to navigate to changing sash windows.

In cases like this the option that is favoured is to replace the sliding sashes with routine casement windows.

Before you commit to do so and purchase replacement windows, it will prove rewarding to take some time to learn more about what you are letting yourself in for.

Here are 5 things you need to understand before replacing your sash windows with casement windows.

Are you permitted to switch?

You might believe that its’ your home and you can fit any windows you please. But you need to be aware that is not necessarily always the case.

When changing sash windows, a lot can depend upon where you live and the nature of your residential or commercial property (or if you are a leaseholder).

Listed structures or buildings in sanctuary (AONB– area of impressive natural charm) typically require to get approval for house improvements like this. It might be the case that the regional preparation authority do not approve the change and demand keeping the very same type of window.

In any event, this is one thing you need to inspect before you invest any money or commence work.

Will it make your home clash with the remainder of the homes in your street or area?

If all the houses around you have sash windows, then your house will “stick out like a sore thumb”. I would likewise think that your neighbours would not be too delighted as they may believe casement windows reduces the tone (and value) of the locality.

An alternative option is to look at incorrect sash styles

You might lose a means of escape from upper floorings.

It’s not something we like to consider, but what about getting out of your home in a hurry? If you remain in an upper floor and there is some type of emergency below you (maybe a fire) then, due to the fact that the sash fully opens a minimum of half the window, it makes it easy to use as an exit.

You won’t have the ability to do this if you have actually a repaired casement with a small leading opening section.

The frames are various densities.

Even double glazed sash window frames are much thinner than old timber sash window frames. Whilst this is going to improve the quantity of light entering, it’s going to imply a lot of restorative work either to the inside or outside of the window exposes.

Which leads us onto our next point.

Will you actually conserve money by switching?

For a comparable sized unit, it’s true that you will discover less expensive casement windows than you will discover vertical moving sashes.

You will find that the cost of fitting the casement windows in place of those sashes is more expensive. This is merely due to the extra work involved trigger by the various frame thicknesses.

When you eliminate the sash and fit a casement, there will be a lot of “making good” to be done around the within the window. In order to fill the gap left behind by the removal of the thicker frames it will require to have new rendering and a cost of plaster.

Not only that, however if you had wallpaper, it will now stop short of the window by a couple of inches– how will you correct that?

In short, casement windows are more affordable, but fitting them is more costly than typical. I know of one installer that used to charge a minimum of 10% to swap casement for sashes. This will need to be gone over at the quote phase.

Low cost Sash window options
If you take all of the above into factor to consider, then you can see it’s not necessarily a simple choice when replacing sash windows. So it’s finest to sit and talk about with your installer in detail before you concern a final decision.

Nevertheless, all is not lost. You might consider using uPVC sash windows instead of timber.

Modern styles are really protected, long lasting. If you include a wood-grain impact it’s likely that you will not really discover the difference visually from street level.

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