Lambeth Council praises community in wake of Streatham terror attack

Lambeth Councillors condemned the Streatham terrorist attack, while praising the public and emergency services at last night’s council meeting (February 12).Police shot Sudesh Amman dead after he stabbed two bystanders in Streatham High Road on February 2.The attack came ten days after he was freed from prison automatically halfway through his sentence.

Council leader Jack Hopkins wrote to the Home Sectretary in the wake of the incident to find out why someone so dangerous was released.Streatham Wells Cllr Mohammed Seedat said the attack could have been “a far bigger catastrophe” had it not been for the emergency services, the public, and council officers “who went beyond the call of duty”.He praised the spirit of local people and said “Streatham’s resolve has never been stronger”.

“It’s very simple to talk about how varied we are and how diverse we are, but we actually showed that fantastic fact by coming together […] speaking different languages, being who we wanted to be but more importantly showing we are Londoners as one together in Streatham.

“I believe London is remarkable because its people are remarkable.“But its people demand to be safe. There have been lots of questions asked about what happened and how it happened.

“As a result Cllr Hopkins has written to the Home Secretary demanding answers as to why a person who was considered so dangerous allowed to live among us,” he said.Green Cllr Jonathan Bartley, who lives just 300 yards from where the attack took place and saw the aftermath, said he “still couldn’t quite believe it”.

But afterwards he said it was a pleasure to see the community coming together and the solidarity of residents.He said: “The memory just lives on.“It will keep coming back to all of us in Streatham at different points.“We never imagined at all that something like this would happen in our area and there are questions that must be answered.

“I’m very grateful to the council for writing to the Home Secretary and we will be very interested to hear those responses.”Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs said despite political differences, everyone is united against terror.“I would also like to pay tribute to the emergency services, to the councillors who showed up, to the officers that were there.Whatever our political differences we’re not divided on the fact that these sorts of incidents are shameful and upsetting.

“We live in a complex society where we have to provide complex solutions to complex problems.“But we are united in our togetherness in response to these sorts of attacks, wherever you come from politically.“I hope very much it won’t happen again in our borough or at all,” he said.

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