Composite Front Doors

If you’re wanting to change your front door you’ve most likely got a good idea of what you desire. It’s a big choice. Do you choose a bold colour to make a declaration or something downplayed to mix in with the neighbour’s? You’ve probably taken a look at all the choices too. Do you have a uPVC door with a glazed in uPVC panel? You might have a timber door too, or perhaps aluminium. However, if you are reading this you’ve probably already chosen having a composite front door

So, what does your front door state about you and your house? Well, it says a lot, while the door will make a huge effect on the look of your house, the individual parts will help visitors to your home to comprehend who lives there.

Composite front door colour.

Colour has a huge factor in how your brand-new composite front door looks. Not everybody is the same and it’s probably the hardest decision you will make when picking your new composite front door. Front doors include a substantial series of colours, 23 in truth. The door skins are also through colour. This implies if your door gets scratched, you won’t see a different colour below unlike a sprayed door. The other benefit of composite front doors is they are made here in the UK. One benefit of this is you get to choose the colour on both the outdoors and inside of the door.

What your door states about you?

Including colour makes a massive difference to how your home looks however also offers people a look into your personality.

Black doors can be elegant, effective, and distinguished and are a popular option for property owners up and down the nation. While white doors offer a tidy and crisp look to your home. Anthracite or French Grey doors can include an ageless and classic air to you house. While blue doors reveal you to be reliable. Green doors can recommend a calm, and calming family. While red doors can reveal a commanding, dynamic, and engaging personality lives there. Our new Lavender door would recommend the house owners are spirited and young at heart. While our natural wood colours like Walnut or Oak can show a rustic and reassuring house.

Security and your composite front door.

As well as the style of your brand-new composite front door, security will be another element that helps you pick your brand-new composite front door. You can have either a three or five  locking points door lock. . 

3 star locking for your composite front door.

All our composite front doors also come with security cylinders. Door cylinders have actually been given some bad press just recently as burglars have been using a known vulnerability to open doors. This helps increase the security of your door and keeps undesirable visitors outside where they belong. 

Additional security for your door.

If the strong hardwood core, 5 point locking system and three star locks are insufficient we have some additional security options for your door.

We can increase the security around the door cylinder. It’s round style stops the powerful removal of the door manage as it has no square edges to grip onto. You can also fit a patented spindle (the part that connects the internal and external lever) to safeguard the gearbox of the multi-point lock from extreme forces. This unique spindle has a shear point developed to break if someone tries to force it. It also has a special turn on the within that permits you to lock your door without placing the crucial or turning the thumb turn (if you have one).

You can include laminated glass to the glazed areas of your composite front door. Laminated glass works the very same method as your vehicle windshield, if it breaks it stays in location and is really difficult to eliminate. This stops trespassers from smashing the glass in or around your door to gain entryway.

Composite front door glass options

Choosing the ideal glass for your new composite front door is important too. You can choose from a big series of glass styles for your new composite front door. From easy sandblasted borders to complex bevel styles there is something to match and home.

For a minimalistic contemporary appearance, door numbers and even house names can be sandblasted into the glass. 

Smart door locks.

There are a couple of choices in the marketplace. You could use a hard-wired system developed to work with home automation systems.  It is very trusted and works easily with composite doors. 

Your front door, YOUR WAY

We have actually tried our hardest to offer you as many options as possible for your brand-new composite front door. With over three billion various combinations of door, you should be able to create a unique door that fits you and your home perfectly. Lambeth Glaziers are here for all your Glazing needs.

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