Busy Time in the Garden

This is such a hectic time in the garden. The danger of frost is almost over and everything needs planting out in the garden and the veg plot. The spell of great weather has produced a gardening marathon. It’s extremely pleasing to see the veg plot inhabited and lots of plants into the borders with the pledge of colour to come later on in the year. We garden for the enjoyment of the garden we create, but pause, as I think gardening is more than just physical and innovative activity.

Yesterday, I stopped briefly to delight in the sun and viewed a pair of Robins attracted by the recently dug patch of earth and it’s offerings. The male checked us out, decided we were no hazard, and bobbed down to nick a worm or two, singing away as he did and joined by a wren whose lovely melodic song skyrocketed taking my spirits with it. A minute of stillness, the basic satisfaction being outside and seeing birds; its not simply the workout, gardening feeds the soul; for thousands of garden enthusiasts it is treatment, outside and close to nature.

However back to work, the spot has been dug in readiness for a wildflower area. There is a fast and extremely easy method to make a wildflower spot utilizing a pre impregnated mat which is explained in detail on the wildflower page and looks truly excellent, however expensive. This worked very well and looked fantasic, blooming for a great time period however not inexpensive therefore only ideal for a little location.

This year I am going to grow only one pre sprouted mat, and along side it sow a combined wildflower seed from among the garden centres or on line to see how they compare as the seed will be less expensive.

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